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Automated surveillance systems made easy

Experience our flexible AI solutions in action, tailored for diverse scenarios and needs.

Configure road areas and parking lots with DeepNeuronic Playground tool

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Discover the Power of DeepNeuronic's Advanced Detection Technology

Traffic analysis

Real-time traffic monitoring for safety:

  • Detect congestion
  • Identify accidents

Crowd detection

Optimize crowd safety:

  • Monitor indoor/outdoor crowds
  • Ensure social distancing
  • Count and classify people

Public safety

Instant risk detection:

  • Identify threats
  • Abandoned items
  • Violence


Everything you need for your intelligent system


Seamless Camera Integration

You can easily connect multiple cameras and begin monitoring your space with ease.

Our user-friendly interface provides step-by-step guidance to ensure a seamless integration, allowing you to start detecting actions with minimal effort.

Computer vision use cases:

DeepNeuronic lets you create an intelligent system based on your specific needs

Partners & Customers

We take pride in being trusted by foremost tech entities for delivering top-tier computer vision and machine learning solutions. Our blend of innovative technology and rigorous operational procedures facilitates the creation of superior ML models — because superior data processing leads to unparalleled AI.

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Elevating Industry Standards with Our AI-Powered Solutions.


With DeepNeuronic you can:

  • Build your own model
  • Integrate our solutions with your systems
  • Easily adapt to new use cases simultaneously
  • Minimize risks in your business


  • Smart city

  • House and domestic

  • Transportation

  • Retail

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