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Seamless System Integration

Our innovative solution seamlessly integrates with your existing IP cameras, augmented by our cutting-edge AI models. This powerful combination introduces sophisticated local video analytics to automate your surveillance, monitoring, and inspection efforts.

Isolated Network
Internal Server

Traffic analysis

Enhance road safety with real-time traffic monitoring to detect congestion and identify accidents.

Real-time traffic monitoring for safety:

  • Detect congestion
  • Identify accidents

Crowd detection

Optimize crowd safety by monitoring indoor/outdoor gatherings, ensuring social distancing, and accurately counting and classifying individuals.

Optimize crowd safety:

  • Monitor indoor/outdoor crowds
  • Ensure social distancing
  • Count and classify people

Public safety

Enhance public safety with instant risk detection to identify threats, abandoned items, and prevent violence.

Instant risk detection:

  • Identify threats
  • Abandoned items
  • Violence
weapon detection

Bounding boxes

Bounding boxes

Encapsulate detected objects within images or video frames with clearly defined rectangles, showcasing their exact location, size, and orientation. Enhance security surveillance systems and streamlining inventory management to optimizing automated inspection workflows.


Bounding boxes

Heatmaps allow for quick identification of hotspots, patterns, or trends, enabling clients to easily interpret and make data-driven decisions. Ideal for understanding customer behavior in retail environments or monitoring crowded areas, heatmaps offer a straightforward way to analyze complex spatial data.


Segmentation divides an image into meaningful segments, facilitating easier and more accurate analysis. This technique is essential for detailed scene understanding, from medical imaging to autonomous driving. By isolating and analyzing distinct objects and areas, segmentation provides crucial insights and supports precise decision-making across various applications.

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Seamless Camera Integration

You can easily connect multiple cameras and begin monitoring your space with ease.

Our user-friendly interface provides step-by-step guidance to ensure a seamless integration, allowing you to start detecting actions with minimal effort.

Why DeepNeuronic?

Precision-Driven Alert System

Precision-Driven Alert System

Leveraging our advanced artificial intelligence models, we significantly diminish false alarms—by up to 98%.

Real-Time Recognition

Real-Time Recognition

DeepNeuronic guarantees immediate notification upon detection of any critical event with its swift and accurate response capabilities.

Flexible Connectivity

Flexible Connectivity

Choose to process your video data in the cloud for ease and scalability, or on your internal servers for maximum control and security, with our on-premise and cloud solutions.

Data Autonomy

Data Autonomy

Your data sovereignty is paramount.By processing video analysis locally, we ensure that your operations remain within the bounds of GDPR compliance

Rock-Solid Stability

Rock-Solid Stability

Our systems are crafted to stay operational and efficient, overcoming obstacles like slow, intermittent, or temporarily lost connections.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Understanding that one size does not fit all, DeepNeuronic specializes in crafting custom solutions for your needs and specifications.

Computer vision solutions:

DeepNeuronic lets you create an intelligent system based on your specific needs

Partners & Customers

We take pride in being trusted by foremost tech entities for delivering top-tier computer vision and machine learning solutions. Our blend of innovative technology and rigorous operational procedures facilitates the creation of superior ML models — because superior data processing leads to unparalleled AI.

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