Revolutionizing Industries with AI-Powered Vision

Industry Solutions

Elevating Industry Standards with Our AI-Powered Solutions.


Keep your roads and highways safe with our powerful vehicle detection.

Smart Cities

Leverage AI to optimize your city infrastructure.

Retail & Hospitality

Revolutionize your customer experience with AI.


Boost Your Home Security with AI.

Computer Vision Solutions

DeepNeuronic lets you create an intelligent system based on your specific needs

Crowd Management

Detect people, animals, vehicles

Animal detection

Detect animals on the road with computer vision

Abandoned Luggage

Automatically identify suspicious or dangerous objects placed in public places.

Classify vehicle

Classify/filter vehicle with computer vision

Wrong way direction

Real-time detection of wrong way driving

Parking lot

Intelligent parking lot monitoring

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From real-time crowd density and flow analysis to precise vehicle tracking and crash detection

With our platform, you can leverage advanced analytics to optimize your space for maximum efficiency, safety, and performance.

Bounding boxes

Bounding boxes

Encapsulate detected objects within images or video frames with clearly defined rectangles, showcasing their exact location, size, and orientation. Enhance security surveillance systems and streamlining inventory management to optimizing automated inspection workflows.


Bounding boxes

Heatmaps allow for quick identification of hotspots, patterns, or trends, enabling clients to easily interpret and make data-driven decisions. Ideal for understanding customer behavior in retail environments or monitoring crowded areas, heatmaps offer a straightforward way to analyze complex spatial data.


Segmentation divides an image into meaningful segments, facilitating easier and more accurate analysis. This technique is essential for detailed scene understanding, from medical imaging to autonomous driving. By isolating and analyzing distinct objects and areas, segmentation provides crucial insights and supports precise decision-making across various applications.

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Elevating Industry Standards with Our AI-Powered Solutions.


With DeepNeuronic you can:

  • Build your own model
  • Integrate our solutions with your systems
  • Easily adapt to new use cases simultaneously
  • Minimize risks in your business


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